A Meaningful Difference Every Day

I received this note from Dr. Coy Irvin, our Chief Medical Officer for McLeod Health. While we still have much to do on consistency across the entire organization, it is our people that make a meaningful difference on a daily basis.

“I was reminded this week of the real reason we are here serving the patients of the Pee Dee with the following:

First, the young lady who watches the hallway traffic at the corner by Cardiology told me that she had figured out that our older patients needed to be taken to where the service was they needed, rather than being told where to go. And, she is doing this daily.

Second, yesterday I saw Drew Hamilton, our Chief Compliance Officer for McLeod Health, go into a patient room. When asked if he were the preacher, he said, “No, but I can pray with you.” And he did.

Third, I was told of an event in the ED this week where an elderly nursing home patient came in for an emergency. Her daughter drove over from Columbia to be with her mother. The patient had been intubated and was a ‘no code.’ Dr. Hazelwood, a McLeod Regional Medical Center Hospitalist, came down from the inpatient nursing unit and addressed the care issues with the daughter. The patient was extubated. The daughter could not watch, so he had her turn her back. While the patient was extubated, Dr. Hazlewood put his arm around the daughter and sang a hymn in a low voice to comfort her. She said he was a blessing to her. She was then able to say good-bye to her mom.

We are truly blessed by good people.”

And while I can’t sing … this makes me sing.

Thank you for your service to others,

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