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McLeod Health Chief Medical Officer

Friday, October 4th, 2013

Dr. Coy Irvin

McLeod Health is pleased to announce that E. Coy Irvin, M.D. has been named Chief Medical Officer for McLeod Health, expanding his role in this leadership function to all five hospitals in the McLeod network. Dr. Irvin has been serving as Vice President of Medical Affairs and Chief Medical Officer for McLeod Regional Medical Center in Florence since joining the organization in June, 2010.

Dr. Irvin, who has practiced medicine since 1982, will focus on improving health system issues for physicians and patients by working directly with the medical staff, hospitalists, physician development, recruitment and retention, McLeod Family Medicine Center, Family Medicine Residency program and future medical students affiliated with the new medical school projected to begin in 2014-2015.

Within McLeod Health, his goal is to ensure ease of transfer of patients to the right facility and location for their needs. “Through standard order sets, best practices and building relationships throughout the region we serve, we want to provide quality care in the most appropriate setting.”

Dr. Irvin joined McLeod Health from Baptist Health in Pensacola, Florida, where he served as Chief Medical Officer. Dr. Irvin also served patients in a Family Medicine practice for nearly 25 years.

His move to the area, he explains, has been extremely rewarding. “Florence is a great community to live in and McLeod is leading the way in hospital quality and safety. Our hospitals are doctor-friendly — wonderful environments where physicians can work, be successful and have the tools required to practice excellent medicine.   

“We have a strong and real commitment to excellence in care and service at McLeod Health. It is a positive culture, with warm and talented professionals. Our goal is to help continue strengthening those values among all our medical staff,” Dr. Irvin added.

“We want patients and their families, and physicians from around the state and beyond to trust us with their care. We want to care for them like we would want our own family treated.”

In his position, Dr. Irvin’s responsibilities include enhancing relationships and communications with the medical staff and assisting the Chief of Staff from each hospital as well as other officers of the medical staff. His duties also include overseeing the McLeod Hospitalist program and assuring that appropriate physician education, peer review, and quality assurance systems are in place to fulfill the mission and goals of McLeod Health.

Dr. Irvin and his wife, Angie, have two daughters and four grandchildren.  

Dr. Irvin’s experience, knowledge and passion in what he does add to the exceptional work our physicians and medical staff do at McLeod Health every day. Please join me in thanking Dr. Coy Irvin and our medical staff for their outstanding service.