The Art and Science of Medical Excellence

The cover of the latest issue of the McLeod Magazine.

At McLeod, we want our Vision statement to continue to be a reality and authentic, so we measure it in three specific ways. We want to be the ‘Choice for Medical Excellence’ in the eyes of our patients, our physicians, and our people.

As an organization, we communicate and demonstrate ten Service Excellence Standards daily, reflecting our McLeod Values of Caring, Person, Quality and Integrity. We see it in the way our teams consistently interact with our patients and customers, and how we treat one another.

We share it by giving others some part of ourself, whether it’s an ear to hear concerns, hands to help, or a shoulder on which to lean for support.

It is a privilege to serve, taking pride in our appearance and our manners, as both a smile and our attire reflect upon the heart of McLeod. It is an honor to take the time to walk a patient to their destination, offer a tired family member a blanket or pillow, or hold the door open for someone entering any one of our five medical centers.

It is our purpose to care enough to explain to our patients what we are doing, why we are doing it, and what to expect next.

It is our responsibility to take personal ownership of our environment, which shows that we value and appreciate those whose job it is to keep our rooms and hallways clean.

It is our intention to see our work from a different perspective, for considering the experience we provide our patients through their eyes, and not just our own.

It is our commitment to live our values.

I am truly honored to be a part of an organization that respects both the art and science of medicine and am grateful to those who serve others with their minds, their hearts and their hands.



To read the newest issue of our magazine, click here McLeod Magazine.

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