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Good News from McLeod Dillon on Medicare Measures

Wednesday, August 25th, 2010

Dr. Phil Wallace, Medical Director of Clinical Effectiveness, Jeanne Hill, LPN, Candice Tyler, LPN, and Joan Ervin, RN, Associate Administrator of Clinical Effectiveness.

McLeod Dillon reached a new milestone in its journey to pursuing perfection in the delivery of patient care. In May, each of the 58 patients with pneumonia, heart attack, heart failure, and/or those having surgery received “perfect care” based on the core measures as reported to The Joint Commission and CMS. By focusing on these specific diagnoses, 310 of the evidence based quality indicators were met in May by those providing care to these patients.

These outcomes are the result of the team’s diligence and attention to both clinical requirements and documentation. Perseverance and focused teamwork among the physicians and staff resulted in helping the McLeod Dillon reach their goal. Relying on physician-led, evidenced based and data driven care, caregivers at McLeod Dillon are providing high quality care in which patients seeking care in Dillon have confidence. This demonstration of ‘The Value of Quality’ results in a higher quality of life for the citizens receiving care in Dillon County and the surrounding areas.

We are pleased to see that our team in Dillon receives scores higher than national averages, especially for those factors that are most closely correlated to quality of care. Your hard work and dedication continue to pay off.

I want to thank Dr. Phil Wallace of Dillon Internal Medicine, who is our Clinical Effectiveness Medical Director in Dillon, and Joan Ervin, RN, MN, CPHQ, our Associate Administrator, Clinical Effectiveness for their leadership with the team in Dillon. I also would like to thank the caregivers at the patient’s bedside that are delivering the care with professionalism and excellence each day.



Dillon Emergency Department

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

Structural steel framing is being placed on the north side of the building.

The ambulance canopy.

The Emergency Department expansion project at McLeod Dillon is certainly moving forward. Much progress is being made. As you can see from these two photographs, the concrete building pad for the new ED addition has been poured. The steel frame has begun on the north half of the new addition and the roof installations continue for the ambulance canopy. This will help to separate the patients who arrive by ambulance from those who are ambulatory. 

The plumbing ‘rough-ins’ have also been installed for the decontamination showers that would be used for disaster preparedness.

As the sole provider of emergent and urgent care services in Dillon County, there is a great demand for the Emergency Department. In 2006, the McLeod Dillon Emergency Department treated nearly 24,000 patients. This utilization increased two years later with 26,760 visits. 

The Emergency Department addition is being constructed on the existing Dillon campus, located at the intersection of Highway 301 and Jackson Street.  A Certificate of Need for the project was approved by the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control.  The addition of approximately 9,365 square feet will provide: improved patient flow, new exam and treatment rooms including designated triage and trauma rooms, as well as staff support spaces.  A new family waiting area designed for improved privacy and safety is also included in the expansion. A dedicated site for a helipad for trauma patient transport is also planned as well as minor modifications to existing Emergency Department exam rooms and support functions.

We are excited about the progress on the site.  We want to thank Robins & Morton for the construction work, Design Strategies the architects, the McLeod Dillon and Planning teams for their input, hard work and passion for this project.  We will keep you posted on the continued progress.



Linking the Past to the Future in Dillon

Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

Dillon community and hospital leaders break ground

I was in Dillon on Monday’s spring-like afternoon to attend the Groundbreaking Ceremony for the new Emergency Department expansion, and many citizens from the Dillon community were present with us to celebrate.

During this economic downturn, it is encouraging, as well as affirming, to have others stand shoulder to shoulder with us in such an endeavor.  Each person present at the groundbreaking was a link to the past.  The hospital has a unique and distinct heritage built upon community support from its founding to the present.  Additionally, the presence of those attending was also a link to the future.  Together, may we continue to be good stewards of the resources with which we have been entrusted to improve our community.

Clink on this link to see the news article from the Dillon Herald newspaper.



Dillon Emergency Department

Wednesday, January 6th, 2010

On Thursday I attended our weekly Planning meeting. The master facility plans for all service lines are maintained and updated in this meeting. One of the agenda items was a review of the final plans for a new Emergency Department in Dillon.

McLeod Dillon ER

As the sole provider of emergency services in Dillon, there is a great demand for ED services. In 2006, the McLeod Dillon Emergency Department treated nearly 24,000 patients while two years later there were 26,760 visits.

Responding to meet the growing needs of emergency care in Dillon, plans are underway for renovations and construction of a new Emergency Department at McLeod Dillon.  The addition will be constructed on the existing Dillon campus located at the intersection of Highway 301 and Jackson Street.  A Certificate of Need has been submitted to the Department of Health and Environmental Control for an addition of approximately 9,365 square feet. This expanded space will provide improved workflow for staff and patients, new exam and treatment rooms including designated triage and trauma rooms, as well as staff support spaces.

A new entrance for walk-in patients will separate them from those arriving by ambulance.  A new family waiting area designed for improved privacy and safety will also be included in the expansion. In addition, a dedicated site for a helipad for trauma patient transport is planned as well as minor modifications to existing Emergency Department exam rooms and support functions.

As soon as approval is received from DHEC, the project will begin and is estimated to take 220 days to complete.  We look forward to improving these facilities in Dillon to better meet the needs of our patients.


Angel Food Network at McLeod

Monday, June 29th, 2009

I spent Saturday morning with the team from the McLeod Operating Room, Procurement Services and the Laundry helping to distribute boxes of food for the Angel Food Network at McLeod.  The volunteerism among those helping to support this monthly effort is greatly appreciated.

I also encourage those who have not considered this Angel Food Program as an opportunity for household cost savings, to learn more about it.  

What is Angel Food Network?  It is a food co-op program designed to help one another stretch our food budget.  Founded by Angel Food Ministries in 1994, the Angel Food program now is helping provide food relief to more than 500,000 families each month nationwide.

On Saturday morning we helped to unload, load, and prepare 250 boxes of food for those who ordered this month from McLeod Darlington, Dillon and Florence.  In addition to stretching our food budgets, it is a great opportunity to volunteer to help others for a few hours on Saturday Morning.  You can see from a few of these pictures some of the team who served this Saturday.


The next Angel Food Network distribution day at McLeod will be July 25, 2009.  You may order a box of food for $30.  The retail value of the food is approximately $60.  To see the menu and/or order for July, you may visit this website …  If you would like to volunteer on Saturday, July 27th, please contact Sarah Williams. or 777-2475.


More on Angel Food at McLeod:
With prices seeming to go up every week, buying groceries for yourself or your family can be more and more difficult. But buying food together through a food cooperative is one way to reduce food costs.

Through the Angel Food Network, McLeod Health is helping employees save on their food bills each month. Angel Food uses group purchasing and volunteers to make high-quality, name-brand food available at discounted prices.

The Angel Food Network keeps its overhead costs low by simplifying its distribution and relying on volunteers to distribute the orders.

At McLeod, staff members will be able to help their fellow employees by staffing the Saturday-morning distribution sites.

The Angel Food program is open to any employee, medical staff members, or volunteer. A Regular Box currently costs $30, and other boxes can be added to an order.

The $30 box feeds a family of four for about a week and has a retail value of about $60. A Senior Box of heat-and-serve cooked meals can be bought for $28, and add-on boxes of meat or vegetable and fruit can be added to an order of a Regular or Senior box.

To pick up an order, be sure to bring your receipt and a box or cooler for each box of food you ordered. If you are unable to pick up your order during the allotted time, give your receipt to a trusted family member or friend to pick up for you.

Help will be available from volunteers to process the food and to carry it to your car. Orders for the next month can be placed on distribution day — by cash, money order, or payroll deduction only.

To volunteer to help on distribution days or for more information about those times, date and locations, call the Angel Food Network hotline at 777-6009 or click on the Angel Food Network Link on the Intranet.

How to place an order:
You can order Angel Food boxes at the locations below using payroll deduction, cash, money order, credit/debit card, or EBT card. With Florence delivery only, online orders can be placed with a debit or credit card at The Florence cafeteria can accept only cash and payroll deduction. Those wanting to payroll deduct ($65 limit) must be signed up with McLeod Advantage.

Locations for Sign-Up at McLeod:
McLeod Regional – McLeod Cafeteria and Business Services
McLeod Darlington – Business Office
McLeod Dillon- Business Office